2017 Notices to Proceed

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CATCAM-2017-01 Improvement of Multi-purpose Bldg. (Old Municipal Hall Project Phase 2) 

CATCAM-2017-02  Construction of Multi-purpose Building (Nursery) 

CATCAM-2017-03  Maintenance of Government Building

CATCAM 2017-04 – Looc-CNHS Core Local Road Access Road Project (Phase 1-2)

CATCAM 2017-05 – Tangaro-Tibacjao Core Local Road Access Project

CATCAM 2017-06 – Street Lighting Materials  Project

CATCAM 2017-07 Municipal Slaughterhouse Upgrading Project

CATCAM 2017-08 Improvement of Bonbon Public Cemetery Project

CATCAM 2017-09  Sanitary Toilet Project

CATCAM 2017-10 Equipping of Evacuation Center / Operations Center

CATCAM 2017-11 Local Area Networking Project

CATCAM 2017-12 Health Emergency and Medical Supplies